Evertz Hydrotechnik: Descaling Valves & Plants

Descaling Systems

Basis for Evertz Hydrotechnik descaling valves and descaling systems constitutes our basic valve program:

  • 2/2 way cartridge valves

  • 2/2 way built check valves

  • Check valve inserts (manual or motorized)

  • Storage completion valve inserts

  • 3/2 way pilot valves

for the following standard operating conditions:

  • Media: Water, water-oil emulsions, synthetic oils, corrosive media, hydraulic oil, compressed air

  • Pressures: Standard 0 to 350 bar (max up to 800 bar)

  • Nominal sizes: DN3 to DN250

  • Temperatures: max. Operating temperature 0 to + 70 ° C; Max. Ambient temperature: 0 to + 60 ° C

Furthermore, a number individually to the particular application developed special valves available:

  • Pressure relief / pressure reducing valves

  • Proportional valves

  • pilot operated check valves

  • and much more

Descaling valve
Descaling valve, for example, as
  • Single valve (switching valve)

  • Descaling valve unit (switching valve + check valve)

  • Descaling valve unit as a redundant system (see photo)

Descaling, e.g. incl.
  • Auto. Width adjustment for different billet widths

  • individually switchable nozzle

Memory port valve
Memory port valve, for example, as
  • Single valve (switching valve)

  • Memory close valve unit (switching valve + check valve)

High-pressure reservoir
High-pressure reservoir, e.g. incl.
  • Radar level measurement

Pump circulation valve
Pump circulation valve, for example, incl.
  • 2/2 way check valve

  • manual shutoff valve

  • 2/2 way switching valve

  • minimum quantities throttle

Other accessories
Other accessories, such as
  • Electrical control

  • High Pressure Pumps

  • Remove station

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