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Bạc đồng tự bôi trơn FB-08G Bimetallic-Wrapped (Solid Lubricating Bearings)

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» FB-08G is a kind of steel-lead bronze alloys based bearing, which is embedded with particular formulation of solid lubricants. Owing to the high strength, high load capacity and the spirally distributed diamond type of the embedded solid lubricant, the high temperature resistant action as extraordinary exploited. The lubrication area of the bearing surface is being about 25%. This type of bearing is particularly applied in starting motor for automobiles, generators cranes and those machines inmetallurgical industry.

Bảng thông số kỹ thuật vật liệu (Technical Data)

Max load Static 150N/mm2
Dynamic 40N/mm2
Max. PV (dry running) 2.8N/mm2.m/s
Temp. limit -100ºC ~ +200ºC
Friction coefficient 0.06 ~ 0.25μ
Max. speed Grease Lubrication 1.5m/s
Thermal conductivity 58 W(mxk)-1
Coefficient of thermal expansion 18×10-6 K-1
Hardness HB > 110-150
Tensile strength 450N/mm2
Elongation 40%

FB-08G Bimetallic-Wrapped

Kích thước

» Tiêu chuẩn: Sleeve Bearings, Flanged Bearings.

» Phi tiêu chuẩn: Sleeve Bearings, Flanged Bearings, Compound Thrust Washer, Strip, Bearings Bushing, Wear Strip, Steel combine Units.

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