Bạc đồng tự bôi trơn JF-800 Bimetallic-Wrapped (Self Lubricating Bearings)

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» JF-800 Bimetallic self-lubricating bearing used high quality low-carbon steel plate as base, sintered porous bronze as its surface, suitable for rotatory oscillating, reciprocating movements on the conditions of high load.low speed, low friction, well wear resistance, long lifetime and better prevent from holding-on. The bronze layer surface can be machined with various of grooves, oil pockets in terms of different work condition. The product is widely used in mining machinery, automobile, building machinery, agriculture equipment, rolling steel industry etc.

Đặc tính vật liệu (Material Characteristic)

Material Trademark Alloy Composition Alloy Hardness International Standard
JF-800 CuPb10Sn10 70~100HB SAE-797. DIN CuPb10Sn. JIS-LBC3. UNS C93700. Clevite F100.
Daido L10. D. A. B. D57. Federal Mogul HF2. Glacier SY. Glyco66. Miba2. 1010.Taiho HF2. Kar l Schmiat KS940SSAE-797. DIN CuPb10Sn. JIS-LBC3. UNS C93700. Clevite
F100. Daido L10. D. A. B D57. Federal Mogul HF2 Glacier
SY. Glyco66. Miba2. 1010. Taiho HF2. Karl Schmiat Ks940s
JF-720 CuPb24Sn4 45~70HB SAE=799. GLYCO 68. JIS-LBC6. DAIDO L23.
Claciersx. ACLF250
JF-700 CuPb30 30~45HB SAE-783. GLYCO74. JIS-AJL
JF-20 AlSn20Cu 30~40HB SAE-48. JIS-KJ3
JF-930 CuPb6.5P0.1 69~90HB  

Bi-metal self lubricating bearings tank shape

JF-800 Bimetallic-Wrapped Tank Shape

JF-800 Bimetallic-Wrapped

Đặc tính vật liệu (Material Characteristic)

FB-090 Bronze-Wrapped Material Characteristic

Kích thước

» Tiêu chuẩn: Sleeve Bearings, Flanged Bearings.

» Phi tiêu chuẩn: Sleeve Bearings, Flanged Bearings, Compound Thrust Washer, Strip, Bearings Bushing, Wear Strip, Steel combine Units.

Surface Roughness of Bimetal Bushes

List Bronze Surface Bronze Surface
Bronze Surface R20.8 R26.3
Steel Backing R21.6 R210
Other Surface R22.5 R2100

Thông số kỹ thuật (Technical Data)

Performance index JF-800 CNP-720 CNP-700 CNp-20 CNP-930
Max Load Capacity P (N/mm2) 150 130 120 100 150
Tensile Strength (N/mm2) 185 150 200 200 185
Max Sliding Speed (Oil Lubrication) V(m/s) 5 10 15 25 5
Friction coefficient (μ) 0.05 ~ 0.20 0.06 ~ 0.16 0.08 ~ 0.16 0.08 ~ 0.17 0.06 ~ 0.16
Max PV Value Limit (N/mm2 m/s) Grease lubrication 2.8 2.8 2.5 - 2.8
Oil lubrication 10 10 8 6 -

Application Characteristics

Material Trademark Using Conditions Use Occasions
JF-800 High resistance to fatigue strenth and load capacity, with high shock resistance good wearing and good corrosion resisitance. Fit for middle load, high speed, bushes,washer and connecting rod bearing in internal combustion engine used in machinical equipment and high shock bushing.
JF-720 Good resistance to fatigue strength and high load capacity,good performance of sliding, liable to be corrupted by lubricationg oil. Middle load middle speed, principle axis of internal combustion engine.
JF-700 Good resistance to fatigue strength, load capacity, shock resistance. Principle axis of internal combustion engine, connecting rod bushing.
JF-20 Good performance of anti-seizing, covering eyewinker, soft alloy be plated on working surface. High speed, middle or low load, principle axis internal combustion engine.
JF-930 Moderate fatigue strength, and load capacity, good wrrosion resistance good performance of bearing sliding. High speed, low load, internal combustion engine half bearing, bushing used in compressing and refrigerating machine.

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