Bạc đồng tự bôi trơn FB-090 Bronze-Wrapped (Self Lubricating Bearings)

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» FB-090 serie bronze rolled bushing is our new generation bushing based upon steel- bronze lead double metal bushings. This product is widely applied overseas. With the increase of our country's bring-in of foreign machineries, designers requirement on new abrasive materials and bushings are accordingly increasing. Therefore, our products have a wide application scope and practical value in machinery production.

» The major feature of FB-090 serie bushing is their thin-wall structure, which doesn't take up too large assembly space. Specially formulated high-density bronze alloy bands are used for the building of the bushing, which compared with traditional bushings, is featured in the high density, no shrinkage blowholes, high load sustainability and anti-wearing and anti-fatigue. The production of the bushing is by means of advanced fixture and molds, able to make oil holes, hole dents and grooves on the frication surfaces of the bands to suit various engineering applications, making it possible for the bushing to store large amount of lubricating grease when working. Therefore, the lubrication interval is prolonged and the service hours are effectively lengthened.

» FB-090 serie bearings are widely used in applications such as a gricultural machineries, construction machineries, engineering machineries and automobile industry.

Cấu trúc vật liệu (Material Structure)

High-density bronze is rolled into shape or oil bags and oil holes specially integrated into the inner surface to reduce the wearing and prolong the service hours. Besides, it has excellent anti-corrosion functions.

FB-090 Bronze-Wrapped Material Structure

FB-090 Bronze-Wrapped

Thành phần hóa học (Chemical Composition)

Material: CuSn8P Cu Sn P

Kích thước

» Tiêu chuẩn: Sleeve Bearings, Flanged Bearings.

» Phi tiêu chuẩn: Sleeve Bearings, Flanged Bearings, Compound Thrust Washer, Strip, Bearings Bushing, Wear Strip, Steel combine Units.

Phạm vi ứng dụng (Application scope)

» This serie of bearing is widely applied to agricultural, construction and engineering machineries, etc.

» Categories of oil holes (As per to DIW1494/ISO3457).

Tính năng sản phẩm

1. Saving large amount of bronze material and save the working hours normally spent for lathing the bronze bushing.

2. Compared with lathed bushings and roller bearings, it is light in weight and more cost-effective.

3. Various holes and dents can be made on the frication surface for grease storage, prolonging the lubrication interval to 5 times as long as required by the bronze bushing.

4. Extremely high load sustainability, especially suitable for coarse abrasion surfaces.

Thông số vật lý (Physical Property)

Type Density Heat Emission and Expansion Heat Conducting Hardness Compression strength Extensile
FB-090 8.8g/cm3 18.5x10-6 K-1 58W(mxk)-1 90 ~ 150HB 470N/mm2 40%
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